Ephesians 3:17.( continued).

“…. As you trust in Him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love.”

The verse continues and says ,” as you trust in Him.” It would seem for Christ to become more at home in You and I requires us to trust Him, and that trust needs to grow. Trust is something more and more of us have problems with. We trust people less and less. People we thought we could trust and rely upon let us down, and we do the same to people too, it’s just we only recognise it when it is done to us.

If our roots are anchored in people, in our Christian brothers and sisters, we will only grow to the level of those people. Our faith will be dependent on them, when Christ tells us that He is the source of our Faith, and our Hope is in Him alone. Christ requires us to grow in HIM! Jesus wants us to know that we can trust Him! He is 100 0/0 reliable. Paul goes on to tell us, that with this trust, something beautiful begins to happen, he likens it to the growth of a plant. Roots begin to develop.

Imagine: Your feet, placed into soil, only this is no ordinary soil, this is ‘love’ soil. And as your feet get bedded in, and you begin to trust where your feet have been planted, something amazing happens, as you feed, and drink in all that God has for you, roots begin to shoot out from your feet, becoming embedded into this amazing soil of ‘LOVE’. And as these roots grow, you become anchored into the source of this love. You become immovable, un-shakable, solid, secure, flourishing, thriving.

I love my garden, and there is nothing more frustrating, than seeing a plant that you have taken care of begin to loose it’s lustre, the leaves begin to lose colour, and eventually die. I’ve seen it happen due to the wind and cold, the elements that come against the plant, that hits the plant end up killing it. When I dig the plant up it is clear what’s occurred; the roots have not established themselves in the soil, and the slightest change in conditions, ends up wrecking everything.

Roots are important for growth. Roots are important for longevity, but even more important is where you get planted in the first place. Make sure your roots are growing in “God’s marvelous love”. His LOVE comes highly recommended.

Worship Moment:

Kim Walker Smith – He loves us,oh how He loves us.

Elevation Worship. – The Lord Is My Rock/God You Lifted Me Out.